Can you brush the matted knots out of my dog or cat?
Some knots can be brushed or combed out, but once they lock together they are considered like human dreadlocks and no amount of conditioner or brushing will comfortably undo them. In order to prevent extreme pain to your pet, we need to clip them out.
How old does my pet need to be to have its first haircut?
From six weeks, as long as they've had their first vaccination.
How long does the grooming take?
For a "Works Package" we need the pets for two hours. For a "ZoomGroom" 1 hour.
Can I wait with my pet during grooming?
We are happy for you to accompany your pet as long as it does not interfere with the health and safety of staff and pets in the salon. Some pets, like children, behave with more co- operation when there owners are not present, but we are happy to make individual assessments, on the day.